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querulous when writing. and again, thanks for waving us tonight. and remember, the spin stops right here. we're definitely looking out for you. heather nauert.
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thank you for waking up to us and watching "fox & friends first". a fox news alert to get you started this morning. two people are still missing at this hour after a massive gas explosion at a popular restaurant in crowded downtown kansas city. cross jj's restaurant going up in flames sending 14 people to the hospital. >> dhef stating rescue crews will be bigging through as several people in the restaurant could smell gas earlier in the day. utility workers came in to check the building. they told everyone inside to leave. minutes later the restaurant exploded rocking the entire
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neighborhood. >> he stepped out the door wasn't two minutes we were grabbing our stuff and the explosion hit. it hit you like a shock wave. >> you feel it and the heat of the fire came into my car. the windows were up i could feel the heat. >> the blast knocked out windows several blocks away. more than 100 firefighters rushed to the scenes and battled that inferno. not clear if any employees were inside at the time. 14 people were taken to the hospital. officials believe contractor working near the restaurant struck a natural gas line causing the explosion. the gas company says it is investigating. anna kooiman, thank you so much. happened at 6:00 p.m. or around 6:00 p.m. last night. it is time for your 5@5:00 and we start with another fox news alert. the second day of oscar pistorius' bail hear something
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under ray right now. pistorius arriving hiding under a blue blanket they dropped a bombshell they found testosterone and needles in his bedroom. that is raising the possibility he may have been using performance enhancing drugs. the track star is charged with pre-meditated murder in the death of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. they may charge him with possession of unlicensed ammunition. we will have more at the bottom of the hour. a judge will likely rule on drew peterson's request for a new trial for the murder of his third wife kathleen sabio. his former attorney he says botched his defense leading to his conviction. he was drilled about questionable media deals that he made to profit off of the
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peterson case. they will move on to the sentencing phase. peterson faces up to 60 years in prison. >> he was on the run for years and years now a senior member of pakistan's taliban has been captured. afghan forces arrested mohammed in the eastern mountains of afghanistan near the pakistan border. he was forced out of hiding by u.s. air strikes. muhammad fled to afghanistan. marine general john allen says he is retiring to help his wife deal with health issues. he was the commander of the coalition nominate to do lead the forces in europe. it was put on hold as e-mails between allen and florida socialite from investigated. allen was cleared of any wrong doing. president obama says john allen is one of the finest military leaders a true patriot and a man
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i have come to respect greatly. >> incredible video showing the terrifying moments the russian meteorite hit the school gym full of children. the tear fied students sent running for their lives and glass is flying. it is believed dwoins were smashed out after a sonic boom. luckily everyone in the building was okay. more than 1500 people were injured through out the city when this happened. >> time is running out for lawmakers to reach a deal to avoid looming spending cuts. there are nine days left. president obama is blaming republicans now even though the sec questions tore was their idea. >> if republicans and congress want to make a deal they will make a deal but look at the calendar 9 days is not much time to find middle ground on new taxes that republicans doon't
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want or replacement cuts the white house doesn't want. senior administration officials say the devastating automatic cuts that go along with the see questor this year are more than likely to kick in. >> now democrats and congress face a sim tell choice. are they willing to xroe miedz to protect vital investment education healthcare and national security and all of the jobs they depend on or would they rather put hundreds of thousands of jobs in our economy at risk to benefit only the healthiest americans and biggest corporations? that's the choice. >> back in 2011 when the debt reducing super committee failed the president threatened to veto any plans for cuts elsewhere. john boehner still says there is time to spare the military and their time to spare america's higher tax rates. this is a quote last month the
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president got the taxes on the wealthy and already back for more. the revenue debate is now closed. we should close loopholes in the tax code that should be used to lower rates across the board. if the see questions tore could not be avoided they are ready to tell 800,000 silian workers they will be forced to take 22 days of unpaid leave by taking one day off per week for almost half a year. >> peter, thank you. it is time for a look at who is talking this morning. >> the sequestration cuts are the topic of debate on hannity last night. he went head to head with arthur ghouls by. take a look at this. >> if you say i am for cutting entitlements more than would be -- had to be cut if you did some tax revenues i understand that. >> paul ryan has been trying
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to -- >> conservatives are not saying what you just said. conservatives has been saying -- paul ryan proposed a budget that would deal with entitlements. the president publicly like he did here -- president's demagogue. >> if you want to endorse paul ryan's budget then do so. don't start saying oh the president is comparing his budget to paul ryan's budget and making paul ryan's budget sound bad. (talking over one another) >> he said the budget would mean dirtyer air and dirt yir water. >> tucker you cannot have a conversation with this president. he is hell bent on destroying republicans and advancing the socialist agenda. it doesn't matter if he has to lie to get there. >> congress could agree with the delay the seek que question tor.
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>> a winter storm. this is minnesota already getting hit hard as snow is blowing around there causing poor visibility and bad conditions on the roads. that means dozens of accidents. >> snow causing chaos for drivers there. let's go to maria molina for a weather update. what's going on? >> we have a lot of active weather across the country today. we have the storm in california you showed images from it. the area of low pressure will head eastbound and across portions of the central plains. that's where we are seeing significant snowfall easel loifr a foot of snow expected across portions of nebraska and portions of ckansas. severe weather in the form of possible tornadoes as we head into tonight and thursday. portions of california we already have winter storm
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warnings across the plains in anticipation of the storm system. we can see storm as late as early morning. by tonight severe weather possible in the city of dallas and able lean and saint angelo otherwise by thursday the system will head eastbound and we are looking at possible severe weather in houston and shreveport. the system is headed eastbound and by thursday we could be looking at severe weather as well. otherwise between the snow and possible severe weather we are going to be seeing significant ice accumulation. there is an ice storm warning in effect across portions of northern arkansas where you could be looking at ice accumulation over a quarter of an inch trees come down power lines to come down as well that's something to keep in mind. please be save out here on the roadways. if you are doing any traveling across the area you are talking about big time travel issues. high temperatures 33 new york city 60s san antonio 17
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minneapolis. another cold one for them. >> sthooivengs maria. 10 minutes after the top of the hour. fisherman fighting back after government tells them how many fish to catch. >> what do ywhen you think abou high fashion you think of high fashion models. not your post man. we will tell you how the post offerings is plan to go hit the passion runway. answerly get your credit ca -- ainsley, get your credit card out. you are going to buy the shorts. >> tell you all about it. oh! progress-oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!" share your progress-oh! story on facebook.
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>> welcome back. almost 14 after the hour a. college student went on a shooting spree killing three people before turning the gun on himself. investigators say 20-year-oldal
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lid saeed killed a woman at miss fair rent eight house fled killing two injures others. >> james martin resigned after being questioned to use his personal e-mail to conduct official business. jackson resigned amid criticism she used alias accounts. >> krip peming the fishing industry in new england. nearly 200 fishermen are pledding for help now. they say impending cuts to the cash limits will finish off the fleet. >> yesterday twoeld you about the cash strapped postal service and the plan to spend a million dollars on a conference. they are launching a clothing line. that is right.
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lauren simonetti joins us with the details. >> now for fashion news the postal service a name that you don't associate with fashion is launch ago new line of clothing next year. it is called rain sleet and snow. we have no idea what it is going to look like. it will be a smart apparel also known as wearable electronics not sure what that means. maybe it has computers in there. >> hot pants. >> don't they wear fashion forward hot pants with the striem down the side? >> they tried this in the 1980s. it didn't work. they had stamps on the clothing. >> maybe the post office can make money off of it.
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>> they need it. >> we will keep you posted on that. >> tell us about this story. apple had been hit by the same hackers that hit facebook last week. >> some of the biggest companies are being asked. the latest is apple. turns out the hackers were the same. apple workers went to a certain web site for software developers. it is a rare admission for apple. pc's run windows software. it is on facebook, twitter and burger king. they are searching for product developments plan sometimes about weapons and infrastructure. we don't know but the research points to cyber espionage efforts by chinese hackers linked with the military. >> there is a lot of evidence
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about that. >> coming up next, one state is trying to tell people what they can and can't do inside their car. do nightmares keep you up at night? we have our next guest. she says analyzing the bad dreams won't make them go away. we will turn your nightmares into dreams. gas is up $0.02 from yesterday. $0.35 in the past few weeks.
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>> good morning to you. 21 minutes after the hour. new twist to tell you about in the chandra levy murder case. the killer of amar are planning to seek a new trial. the defense claims the entire case was based on a lie and that the government learned last year about problems with a certain witnesses testimony. in the state of connecticut one lawmaker pushing for a new smoking ban. this time it's inside your own car. the bill would make it illegal to light up in a car with children under 7 years old are passengers. ainsley? >> 8 percent of adults suffer from chronic nightmares.
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if you are one of those that can't sleep because of bad dreams not to worry. we have ways to turn the nightmares into sweet treatments for you. shelby harris is behavior sleep medicine. good morning dr. harris. >> why do we have these nightmares? for some people it's anxiety going on in your life. it can be due to a drama. o -- trauma. >> can you change your nightmares? >> some people go to therapy. what a eye ark key. >> it is a newer therapy that hasn't been around svery long a all. they are images that happen.
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closing eyes seeing something, seeing a beach ball you can do the techniques. it is about taking the nightmare and changing it anyway you want so it's not scary any more. >> you say number one write down a recent nightmare. >> start with the one you have not the most scary one. start lower on the ladder. >> what's the second? >> the second step is to change it anyway you want. >> if you had a dream you are drowning maybe make it you are laying on the beach do whatever you want so you achieved a tiny bit or the whole thing so it's not scary. >> through out the day if you are thinking about the nightmare, change it. >> change it and spend five minutes. >> number three image the new version of the nightmare for five minutes. picture it from start to finish. try not to think about that original nightmare. want to analyze they want to
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interpret their dreams. do you recommend doing this? >> for some people who have occasional nightmares it could be helpful if you want to figure out what the word of it is. for some people the nightmares are not serving them any purpose. if you continue analyzing it it makes them worse. it do something like this where you are stopping the nightmares it can help overall. >> what's the worst nightmare you hear so many people have. >> a lot of people have the one they are being chased someone. it's always a different location usually a dark alley or something like that. they wake up. >> how would you change that? >> i don't ever tell my patient what to do. you come up with it on you a 7- chased with an alley. he decided to change it so the other guy is still chasing them but now they were in hershey land. right when he was about to grab the man he turned into chocolate. >> it's a great tool to teach kids. >> adults can do the exact same
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thing. >> thank you for solving our nightmare problems. >> thank you for having me. >> 25 after the hour. prosecutors laying out their case against oscar piss totorip. the details of what else was found in his house and why the olympian may be facing additional charges. then talk about a rough landing. passengers taken for a ride when the plane misses the runway. first on this day in history back in 1962 john glenn becoming the nirns to orbit the earth.
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♪>> good morning to you. i am heather nauert. >> i am ainsley earhardt. it is wednesday february 20th. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". >> now to a fox news alert and developing story. prosecutors in south africa continue to show why oscar pistorius should be denied bail. early this morning a short while ago police are revealing in court they found testosterone and also needles in his bedroom. the defense is claiming those substances are herbal remedies not steroids. we have brand new details from
2:32 am
london. hey, amy. >> hi ainsley, hi heather. the prosecution is also saying they found unlicensed ammunition for a .38-caliber weapon in his home. also we heard from witnesses who say they heard screaming and shouting for about an hour before the shooting took place screaming and shouting of course coming from pistorius's home. another witness say he or she heard a gun shot and then screaming and then the other gun shot. pistorius claims she and his girlfriend reeva steenkamp were sleeping he went out to get a sand and went in and heard an intruder inside. feeling vulnerable because he claims he didn't have his prosthetic legs on he fired the door. prosecution says he put the time to put on the prosthetic legs
2:33 am
and walk 20 feet from the bed to the bathroom where he walked shot through the door. these are two different xheling story -- compelling stories. the bail hearing continues. there have been reports today pistorius has a house in italy which may complicate the issues surrounding the possible r flight in this case. back to you guys. >> thank you so much. now to your 5@5:30. the top stories at this hour. cadaver dogs will be used to search for two people missing after a massive gas explosion in kansas city last night. the blast destroyed a restaurant there at jj's and sent 14 people to the hospital. the smell of gas is reported earlier in the kay. utility workers came to inspect and told everybody in the restaurant to evacuate. minutes later that restaurant
2:34 am
exploded. >> felt like an earthquake at first with the building shaking. started coming over here to make sure everything was okay. >> the blast sent debris flying. they think a contractor hit an under ground gas line causing the blast. the white house arwill reveal t plans. the military is behind the massive blast of confidential information of u.s. military and corporate computer. the shocking report from cyber security firm says this building in shanghai where thousands of hacking attacks actually originated. it could happen and have an effect on our economy. >> what they do with that will impact employment in our company and certainly there will come a time where it all catches up.
2:35 am
>> president obama bypassed congress with an executive order. hearing from police officers targeted by phillip dorner. they were at the top of corner's hit list. >> when you get a foin call and they tell you that somebody is after your family and within a very short distance of your home and they already killed somebody's daughter it made me sick to my stomach. >> we didn't want the kids to see the anguish and the hurt that we were feeling. >> he was on the board the fired dorner for falsely akiesing another officer of brutality. over ten-days christopher dorner killed 4 people. >> with the nfl combine kicking off man tie te'o hopes he isn't as invisible as his big
2:36 am
girlfriend was to him. he says it shouldn't. what i did on the field is what i did on the field. i don't think what i did with the whole situation, i don't understand how it takes away from what i did on the field. that draft begins april 25th. airport officials say when the plane was coming in for a landing that happened in savanna it skidded off the runway ending up in a field of grass. >> well as we hit the ground we were going pretty fast. i was talking to my associate next to me. it came out of my mouth we seem to be out of control. we came to an abrupt stop. >> it was a pretty sharp stop. >> fortunately no one was
2:37 am
injured. there is no deal in sight to avoid the dreaded budget see quest tore. we are nine days away from when the massive spending cuts will be there. >> good morning. no one expected we would even reach this day. the see quest tore was designed with both democrats and republicans. they haven't found a way to stop it. yesterday the president invited first responders to the white house had a very dire picture. it might be cut if the see quest tore goes into effect. >> congress allows it will jeopardize our military readiness. it will ee sris rate job creating assessments education energy and medical research. >> re pub cans are quick to point out the see quest tore was the administration's idea and one that the president at one
2:38 am
time vigorously defended when congress talked about eliminating. >> already some congress are trying to undo the automatic spending cuts. my message to them is simple. i will veto any effort for any spending cuts domestic and defense spending. >> the president talks about first responders cuts for the bent gone. either way this has become a case study for how difficult it is to make federal spending cuts of any size. >> this is ridiculous. talking about $3.6 trillion government. 5 percent domestic spending, 7 percent defense spending. the world will not end. >> the bluster on both sides as the see quest tore represents a tiny fraction of overall federal spending. these aren't really cuts that
2:39 am
most households would think of them that the federal budget will continue to grow. the federal debt will continue to grow each and every year see quest tore or not. >> you said the best word to describe washington politics. blutser. thank you so much for that. >> plenty of that. >> talk to you later. >> let's go to weather. the midwest is now bracing for a winter storm. take a look at this. blowing snow and strong winds causing this 20 car pileup in oshkosh, wisconsin. luckily no serious injuries. in far go treacherous road conditions and poor visibility there. let's get the first degree weather update to find out what it looks like in your city. >> good morning. good to see you. we have a lot of weather going on across the country starting out across places in the northeast and midwest. we have lake-effect snow that really kicks up behind our cold front that moved through the region. areas across buffalo, syracuse and western portions of the
2:40 am
state of michigan are going to be dealing with several inches of snow as much as 10 inches in some of these areas. we have lake-effect snow warnings in effect. otherwise moisture has over run over texas. we are seeing the showers areas of heavier rain across northern parts of texas across oklahoma city and even snow has already started across the oklahoma panhandle and southern areas in kansas. it won't get going until our storm system in california right now heads eastbound. later on today into tonight and also into your thursday we are seeing significant snowfall accumulation across portions of the central plains nebraska, kansas parts of missouri and iowa are under winter storm warnings. we are talking about a foot of snow across the area. the worst of it tonight and tomorrow morning. the storm quickly heads eastbound by friday morning we are looking at snow across portions of the great lakes yet again. heather and ainsley i want to mention on the southern end of this system we are seeing severe weather possible tornadoes in texas tonight and by thursday the system heads eastbound more
2:41 am
severe weather possible across mississippi, louisiana and eastern texas. >> i know you will keep us posted on that. thank you so much maria. now the starting lineup. talking sports stories. 40,000 dollars that's how much the disgraced cyclist tyler hamilton spent each year to go. he was testifying in a spanish doping case, 40,000. he was stripped of his gold medal from the 2004 olympics after he admitted to doping. more drama for the lakers kobe bryant and howard. he was morning and bee rating bryant behind his back. bryant reportedly says hello to everyone but howard in the locker room. tiger woods breaking his silence about the golf game with president obama. >> he hit the ball well and he has an amazing touch. he can tip a put. after these four years and spends more time playing the game of golf i am sure he could get to where he is a pretty good
2:42 am
golfer. >> the president has been criticized for not allowing the press to cover the game. he is one of the fresh faces of the gop. te texas senator ted cruise making his mark already coming under scrutiny from the media and from the left. for what? we report you decide. >> this 12-year-old leads police on an hour long police chase. driving? you are not going to believe why. we will tell you that when we come back.
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>> 44 minutes after the hour. in australia thousands of acres burned and at least one home has been destroyed. people are being told to stay off the roads because of the thick smoke there. the fires are fuelled white and
2:46 am
strong winds. next let's go to china where five people are missing after a land slide buried part of a village there. rescuers are trying to move heavy rocks to look for survivors. the rocks also blocking the river and it is causing flooding there. ainsley? >> thainthser. >> texas republicans making a vivid first impression. some are accusing the freshman senator of mccarthyism. is ted cruise the new media punching bag. carl cameron has more. >> first hispanic u.s. senator. most of it hyper critical. >> the nasty newcomer has called him a oren nature reswaggering piece of work. in this short month he earned a reputation for causing strict fiscal discipline. >> i don't think what washington needs is more compromise what it
2:47 am
needs is more common sense. >> i say dser relief should have been paid for with offsetting spending cuts. he was one of three no goes against john kerry for secretary of state approved overwhelmingly. the process to be defense secretary crews expressed alarm at support of hagel's nomination. wondered if hagel had ever paid by government including north korea. >> i don't know if mr. hagel received funds directly or indirectly from foreign sources extreme sources but his refusal to provide disclosure is highly troubling. >> senator cruz has gone over the line. he basically is r has i am puned the patriotism. nominee. >> even fellow republican opposes hagel's nomination is bias. >> senator hagel is an honorable
2:48 am
man. served his country and no one on this committee at any time should i am pun his character or his integrity. >> that only served to precipitation a more aggressive liberal piling on. >> guilt by association remind us of another senator senator joe mccarthy. >> hammer lock on minor voighters and hope to marginal lies him as a right wing rue. he is seen as a charismatic piss tanic graduate of princeton and harvard law. it can help the gop appeal to more niernities. cruz made his presence felt in a short time by u.s. senate standards. in a 6 year term it's hard to tell if it will hurt or help. liberals are blasting him but that's already adding more buzz to another latino senator and republican conservatives. carl cameron, fox news.
2:49 am
still ahead do you insist on sitting in the same chair? do you get upset if you can't heather? find out if you are normal or you are not. >> we fight about it all of the time. >> we will tell you about this. they may look like bugs but they could be the next weapon on the war on terror. >> good morning, brian. >> i have to tell you what is coming up on fox and friends. chinese are hacking us the russians searching guam. we will explore the different options we may have. sequestered in a matter of weeks how about shaming the republicans into acting. dan gable the wrestling in the olympics and scooby doo separate segments all coming up on fox and friends. i am going to be there so you
2:50 am
might as well, too.
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water tour there is at the beach. police finally pulling her over 50 miles away in charlotte, north carolina. check out the video made by the airport. showing off next generation of drones. they are small look at these. they are micro air vehicles. they are made to look like bugs so they blend in with the
2:54 am
landscape. >> have to look at that one next time. >> are they normal or are they nuts? >> dr. keith ablow. >> first e-mail today somebody writes in and says my mother recently retired. she calls three four times a day. can't always take the tall because i am working. i can't call her all of the time. >> i think your mom is retired. you are working ought of the time. the key to p understand her her schedule changed not as much filling it up. you have to wonder whether she is depressed. instead of filtering the calls and keeping them at a lower number say how is it going? maybe you fund you don't have enough to fill up your time. >> maybe she is lonely.
2:55 am
that's a good question to ask her father. >> or it can take an executive who is hardy and take that from somebody who is depressed. >> my boyfriend moved into the same city as me. he doesn't like a lot -- know a of people. he stays inside the apartment all day. is this normal or nuts? >> when i read the e-mail this morning it also is that he doesn't leave the bedroom sometimes on the weekend. this isn't normal it's a little nuts. it sounds like a true either anxiety disorder or this fellow really has lapsed into a depression. psychotherapy in medicine fills a gold standard. i wouldn't minimize that. your partner staying in the bedroom all weaned you got a problem. >> let's get them out and have fun. >> if i get there late it really
2:56 am
irritates me. i like them every where i go even at a restaurant. >> even at a local restaurant. >> that's nutty. be honest. >> like norma cheers. >> she could use a little time on my couch. obsessive compulsive disorder needing to do the same routine again and again. this regimented way of thinking. people convince themselves if i can have thit in my way in thes small ways everything in my life will be coke. go down to what is bothering you. >> we are deluged. it is great. keep sending them. >> send questions to us at it is now 5 minutes before the hour. coming up, could your happiness or sadness be linked to where you live? we will give you a list of top
2:57 am
states for your emotions. if you are going to break out from behind bars dr. keith it helps, you know, if you are old enough to get behind the wheel and know how to drive. we will tell you about what happened to this young lady. more "likes." more tweets. so, beginning today, my son brock and his whole team will be our new senior social media strategists. any questions? since we make radiator valves wouldn't it be better if we just let fedex help us to expand to new markets? hmm gotta admit that's better than a few "likes." i don't have the door code. who's that? he won a contest online to be ceo for the day. how am i supposed to run a business here without an office?! [ male announcer ] fast, reliable deliveries worldwide. fedex.
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